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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you require payment in advance for order confirmation?

We require payment in advance to help simplify our process and offer attractive pricing to our customers.

Do I need to make payment in advance even when the product is not in stock?

To process the order, we require payment in advance. With that, we will place order with the distributor to bring in the goods for your purchase.

I have found the item I want, can I order by phone?

All our orders are processed at our online store, this allow us to streamline our process and provide the better value for our service.

This is my first time making a purchase online. How do I know if your company is legitimate?

Please take a look at the About ofease page. We strive to increase our prominence in all ways possible and would certainly appreciate if you will spread our name if you like our service.

What are the payment methods? Do you accept credit card payment?

We currently accept payment in Singapore dollars via Singapore local bank cheque or Singapore local bank transfer. We are still in the process of evaluating credit card payment. Our concern is the high transaction fee involved, which can hamper our price competitiveness.

If I have checked on the product's stock before ordering, will the stock be confirmed for my purchase?

We can only process the order upon receiving of payment, hence the item's stock can only be lock-in upon payment received.

How is delivery arranged?

Once order is confirmed, we will make arrangement with you on the appropriate delivery date. The delivery date will be on a working day from Monday to Friday, excluding public holiday. The delivery time will be either morning or afternoon during working hours. Delivery is usually within three working days if product is in-stock, or two to four weeks if product is not in stock.

The delivery will be made by either the distributor or our appointed courier company.

Can I arrange for self-collection and make payment on the spot?

To streamline our process and better manage our cost, we do not operate a showroom. Hence, we are unable to provide self-collection and COD payment.

Do you get products from parallel importers?

We source all our products from authorised distributors, rather than from parallel importers. This ensures that the products are fully supported by local agents.